Heartland fire department prepares for busiest time of year

Heartland fire department prepares for busiest time of year

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - The Malden Fire Department said the time around Independence Day is its busiest time of year.

Fire engineer Kody Lamunion said this year the department wants residents to be cautious of dry conditions.

"The fireworks on top of the dry conditions makes it pretty busy for us," Lamunion said.

According to Fire Chief Charlie Cooper, the recent rain storms seem to miss Malden. That means the ground is very dry. Cooper said fireworks could easily spark a grass fire or even catch a home on fire.

That was the case back in 2012.

"Fireworks caught the grass on fire and it ended up catching the whole house on fire. Luckily, it was an abandoned home, but it did burn it to the ground," Lamunion said.

However, the dry conditions aren't keeping customers away from fireworks stands.

"This dry weather isn't stopping them from buying big things around here. Just the dry weather, we have to keep watch where you shoot, where you throw the fireworks and make sure that you have something around you at all times to keep the fire down," said fireworks seller Garrett Collins.

The Malden Fire Department passed along a few tips that can apply to everyone in the Heartland:

  • Be cautious of where you shoot the fireworks off
  • Don't shoot them at anyone else
  • Be careful where they land

Cooper said to also pay attention to the directions on the box: put the firework on the ground, light the fuse and get away.

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