Heartland family displaced by storm asks for help

Heartland family displaced by storm asks for help

Severe storms tore through New Madrid County earlier this month.

The high winds scattered limbs in the streets, but most homes weren't damaged. That's not the case for the Fields family, who were displaced when their roof caved in during the storm.

Penny Fields said her husband usually stays up late watching TV on the living room couch. But on that stormy night something told him to go into their bedroom.

A few moments later, the roof over the living room collapsed.

The family said the wind and rain actually split the roof in half, sending debris throughout that part of the home.

Since then, Penny and her husband Harvey have tried to get help from several agencies.

The Red Cross gave them food and clothing vouchers, but they were denied assistance everywhere else.

The Fields' say what they really need is help to fix the roof of their trailer.

Harvey has owned that land for decades and he's ready to go home, but the roof still sits with a gaping hole.

"I've seen all these storms and everything and they've torn up a lot of places," said Penny Fields. "I prayed and everything that I would never have to go through that. But we're going through it now."

For now the couple is living with Harvey's daughter, Karen.

Karen said friends and family helped sort through the rubble once the storm passed, but none of them have the money to fix the trailer or buy a new one.

The family said they aren't looking for a handout, but they've exhausted all their options.

Karen got emotional talking about her dad's giving spirit, saying they will repay any donations.

If you would like to help out this family call 573-614-4688.

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