Heartland parents speak out about leaving kids in hot cars

Heartland parents speak out about leaving kids in hot cars

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A family in Florida and another in Georgia are mourning the deaths of children left in hot cars.

In the past few years similar tragedies have happened in the Heartland.

According to the Cape Girardeau Health Department, it can be easy to forget a child in a car, especially when you change your routine.

Vanessa Landers, a public health nurse, said kids heat up a lot quicker than adults because their sweat glands aren't fully developed. She said that is a problem because cars can get a lot hotter than outside.

"If it's 70 degrees outside, with in an hour it can be 140 degrees in that car and it's not even safe with the windows down because the heat can still be in there. It can dehydrate the child raise their core body temperatures to the point that they, you know at 105 you're having a heat stroke," Landers said.

Accident or not, some parents said it's just common sense to not leave your children behind.

"It's a really irresponsible action. I mean, you hear all the time about how high the temperatures get inside of a closed vehicle and you know it's just a no brainer not to do it," Carbondale resident Andrew Schwartz said.

Others like Sara Gramm said there should be stiff consequences for those who do leave their kids in hot cars.

Landers suggested parents should put something like their purse or work bag in the back with the child so they have to open the door, or leave the child at someone's house if they can't take them inside.

There is also a phone app called "Remember The Kids" that will ring to remind parents about taking their kids with them.

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