New Illinois law makes police quotas illegal

New Illinois law makes police quotas illegal
Energy Police vehicle (Source: Giacomo Luca KFVS Multimedia Journalist)
Energy Police vehicle (Source: Giacomo Luca KFVS Multimedia Journalist)

ENERGY, IL (KFVS) - On Sunday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that makes it illegal for police departments to require traffic citation quotas for officers.

Illinois state representative Jay Hoffman from the 113th District sponsored the bill. He says cities should not rely on police officers ticketing drivers for city revenue.

"You're at the end of a month and you may be 30 tickets down from your quota and you just start writing tickets without any thought to what's going to change behavior," representative Hoffman said.

More than 20,000 vehicles pass through the village of Energy on Illinois State Route 148. On average, five drivers are issued traffic fines each day in that area, according to Energy Police Chief Shawn Ladd.

Energy Police Department does not operate under a quota system, according to Chief Ladd. He said that his officers issue more warnings than fines and that his officers are on the road for public safety.

"When we make a traffic stop, that is not our primary objective -- to write a ticket or to receive any money. Our primary objective is public safety," Chief Ladd said.

Jim Stewart, 75, is a long time Energy resident. He raised his children in Energy and says he's very concerned about safety, but, doesn't believe police should have citation quotas.

"If they tell me, if I was cop -- And my chief told me 'hey you've got to right 15 tickets a month,' that's not right. Because I'm going to do it to save my job and I'm going to make it hard on the people," Stewart said.

Stewart says he's content with the job Energy police are doing.

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