Pinkneyville or Du Quoin could house pot growing facility

Pinkneyville or Du Quoin could house pot growing facility

PERRY COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Last August, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that made Illinois the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana.

The law has some of the strictest standards when it comes to where the pot can be sold, grown, and who can get a prescription.

Now, two locations could become the area where medical marijuana will be grown in Perry County, Illinois.

One building located in Pinckneyville sits along Route 154.

Illinois law states a facility must be located per state police district.

In Pinckneyville, a use-to-be media services building is one of the options that caught a developer's eye.

There is a second alternative in Du Quoin.

"It can't be over 75 yards," said Gerald Hawkins, whose house is located just across the street.

Now, a vacant factory building, this is also being considered.

Despite being able to see if from his back door, Gerald Hawkins says the possible new business doesn't bother him.

"I look at it as a potential for jobs, which we badly need," he said.

His neighbor agrees, and doesn't see much harm in the idea.

"We don't need buildings sitting around this town when there is all kinds of people that need jobs and stuff. We're just going to let a building sit? We have people that need jobs," said Barb Hefler.

Du Quoin Mayor Rex Duncan says if this opportunity comes knocking at their door, he and the rest of the city council agree unanimously. They won't hesitate on the potential.

"I'm going to ballpark, two or three thousand a year. For a town like Du Quoin and our budget, that's a big deal," said Mayor Rex.

The Mayor of Pinckneyville says four out of five councilmen agree on the idea in their town.

If either facility is chosen, it could be up and running within a year.

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