Mother whose son died in Iraq weighs in on current crisis

Mother whose son died in Iraq weighs in on current crisis

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - All this talk of the crisis in Iraq is stirring up old feelings for a Heartland mother who lost her son in the War on Terror.

Melinda Astin said she doesn't watch the news very often because it typically stirs up emotions and memories of her son's death.

But the mounting violence in Iraq and the possibility of U.S. involvement has hit very close to home.

In her opinion, it's not worth risking further American casualties.

"My personal opinion would be we need to mind our own business and stay here and take care of our own people," said Melinda Astin. "Let our troops stay home with their families and have their own lives."

Astin said she hopes that would save other families from feeling what she has endured.

Her son Brian Romines was killed while serving in Iraq in 2005.

She told us she realizes her personal tragedy with the War in Iraq has influenced her current opinion, and she understands not everyone will agree.

"I don't want to minimize it because I'm very proud of Brian and all of the others for wanting to serve their country," she said. "I can't tell you how proud I am of him for that, but I just don't want to see more lives ruined and shattered."

She said her opinion on the current crisis is still part of an internal battle.

"I have mixed emotions. I would hate to think that everything we've done so far has been in vain, but at the same time this has been a long, drawn out war and we're back to square one it seems. I hate to see them keep sacrificing our sons and daughters and husbands and wives," Astin said.

But Melinda said no matter where you stand on the issue, what's important is showing support for the men and women who serve.

"But I am just really happy that we have people who are willing to go and willing to sacrifice. I just hate to see any more lost."

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