A new horizon in Brookport, IL

A new horizon in Brookport, IL

BROOKPORT, IL (KFVS) - Last November an EF3 tornado killed three people.

Almost half of the town was destroyed and the clean-up is still going on almost seven months later, but signs of life and recovery are emerging from the rubble. Not the least of which is the long-needed economic recovery.

Block after block, new homes have taken shape in Brookport.

Lee Wetherington and his family are four months away from moving in.

"I come home and it's home," said Lee Wetherington.

When the November tornado blew half of his home away, he never thought it would be possible to rebuild.

With the help of volunteers from World Renew, they are turning his dream into a reality.

"It is ten times better than what I had, ten times better," he said.

When the tornado hit, Jennifer Sanford lost her house along Unionville Road.

"It split in half right here and it tore the roof off," Sanford said.

She and her children evacuated an hour before the storm hit, a decision she says saved their lives.

"Our neighbors, they got thrown across the street, they were lucky to live too," she said.

After months of living with family, she and her little ones are happy to finally call this place home.

"This is home, we had to come back. People thought we were crazy but we had to come home," she said.

As streets become clear, debris gone, new businesses have moved in to the area.

The soon-to-be convenient store, Time Saver will be the first store to open since the tornado came through.

"To be a catalyst to other businesses that start something here or be the first business to promote Brookport and takes it to another level, yeah I feel privileged," said owner Gordon Mouras.

As the town rebuilds and the evidence disappears, the people of Brookport say they will never forget that November night.

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