No limits on or off the track for SEMO's Miller

No limits on or off the track for SEMO's Miller

(KFVS) - There are no limits to how far Southeast Missouri State junior Reggie Miller's jumping career can go.

"Maybe I can do this at a really high level, maybe professional," Miller said.

But that wasn't always the case.

"I remember when I started, the girls used to beat me every day in practice," Miller said.

That was in high school, but he kept working at it.

"Then gradually I just got better and better at jumping," he said.

Miller got so much better that he jumped his way to the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Nationals for a second straight year.

Where others see hurdles, Miller sees possibilities. When he puts his mind to something, he usually catches on pretty quickly.

Take music for example. In high school he and his best friend challenged each other to learn to play as many instruments as they could. He can play 15 instruments such as the piano, guitar, clarinet, tuba, saxophones and the flute. He can also speak 10 different languages.

Miller also majors in film and likes to make Youtube videos.

"People were like these look pretty good," Miller said. "One guy asked me do you work for a company, I was like no I'm just shooting videos."

If that's not enough, he loves all things Korean. Every day he likes to watch Korean Soap Operas and play Korean video games.

After school Miller plans on moving to South Korea to make videos and purse a professional career in break dancing. Yes, he is serious about it and said he is good at it too.

"Even at track meets he'll break dance in front of the whole place or he'll salsa or whatever," Coach Matt Koelling said. "He likes to get people excited."

So where does Miller find the time?

"I study film so...there's no homework," he laughed.

But that doesn't mean Miller isn't always learning.

"In life, a lot of people say they want to do something but never do what they say they want to do," Miller said. "But that feeling of gratification that you get from accomplishing a goal you set a long time ago it always feels like the best feeling in the room."

Miller repeatedly recreates that feeling, a renaissance man with an insatiable desire for self-improvement. Nothing is off limits for this multi-lingual, music making, break dancing, video producing, triple-jumping 21 year old.

"Being able to learn stuff is a skill," Miller said. "If you are good at teaching yourself one thing you can pretty much teach yourself to do anything that you wanna do."