Damage reported with Heartland storms

Damage reported with Heartland storms
South of Union City, TN (Source: Chris Conley, cNews)
South of Union City, TN (Source: Chris Conley, cNews)
Home damaged in New Madrid, MO (Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
Home damaged in New Madrid, MO (Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
Flooding on Main and Virginia Streets in New Madrid (Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
Flooding on Main and Virginia Streets in New Madrid (Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
Truck damaged in New Madrid, MO (Source: Kadee Brosseau, Heartland News)
Truck damaged in New Madrid, MO (Source: Kadee Brosseau, Heartland News)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Storms have caused damage in parts of the Heartland on Saturday.

The Obion County, Tennessee sheriff's office says lots of trees down and several roads blocked. They hadn't had reports of homes being damaged.

Graves County, KY EMA Jamie Lock said one roof was blown off of a structure and a tremendous amount of trees were down, and power lines down. There was flooding in the south end of the county.

New Madrid, Missouri city police dispatchers said within city limits, there was a number of trees and branches down.

According to New Madrid, Missouri EM Director David McClarty, a house on the 200 block of Tennessee Street in New Madrid was severely damaged.  A tree fell on a trailer trapping a person inside for a time. Police got the person out. No injuries were reported.

Two other homes damaged in New Madrid. One home had the roof blown off. Another home had shingles blown off the roof.

A utility worker in New Madrid was injured possibly by debris from possible straight-line winds. A tree fell on a city workers truck. He did not go to the hospital.

New Madrid police dispatchers say trees were down. There was reports of a mobile home partially overturned, no injuries were reported.

Viewers say parts of Main Street in new Madrid were flooded.

The Obion County, TN sheriff's office says power lines and trees were down.

EMA reported power lines were down in Murray, KY.

The following storm reports are from the National Weather Service. Send your pictures to cnews@kfvs12.com.

5:49 PM: Funnel Cloud reported by fire crews in Red Bud, IL

5:41 PM: .25 inch hail in Red Bud, IL

4:21 PM: Funnel cloud spotted 1 mile north of Neelyville, MO

4:20 PM: Large trees down 3 miles north of New Concord, KY

4:10 PM: Reports of downed trees and power outages throughout Murray, KY Also reported pea size hail for 10 minutes. Water across a number of streets.

4:05 PM: Golf ball sized hail reported south of Union City, TN

4:05 PM: A camper flipped over in Almo, KY, Calloway County. A mobile home has underpinning damage. Tobacco barn roof has damage. and trees uprooted. Damage reported along the following roads: Spring Road, Cole Campground Road, Palmer Road and Wrather Road.

4:02 PM: Murray KY residents, be prepared for 80-90 Mph winds

4:00 PM: Outdoor furniture lifted off deck and now in roadway in Sedalia, KY.

4:00 PM: One home with roof blown off in Sedalia, KY. A number of oak trees down and a power pole snapped 4 feet from the top along state route 1890. Several flooded roadways in southern half of Graves County.

4:00 PM: Damage reported on south side of Mayfield, KY extending from near Ingersol Rand Road eastward to Cuba Road. Emergency Mgr. is going to the scene.

3:50 PM: Possible tornado approaching Union City, TN may be rain wrapped.

3:36 PM: Trained Spotter reports Tornado on ground 2 miles southwest of Clayton moving towards Union City, TN

3:35 PM: EM reported straight-line winds with 5 mile length damage path across south side of Mayfield, KY. Widespread downed trees and power lines. A few homes with downed across them. Some trees so large a bulldozer will be needed to move them out of roadways.

3:10 PM: Tornadic circulation now in extreme Fulton County KY near the TN border heading east southeast and into TN

3:08 PM: Damage has been reported with the tornado warned storm now entering Lake and Obion, TN Counties

3:06 PM: Tornado damage reported 6 miles south of New Madrid, MO.

3:05 PM: Damage reported 6 miles south of New Madrid, MO

3:04 PM: Strong circulation near Briar, MO in Ripley County

2:59 PM: Tornado debris signature noted on radar in the knob of Fulton County, KY

According to Ameren MO, Pemiscot County had a reported 1,682 outages late Saturday. Power was restored.

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation reports more than 2,000 outages in Tennessee as of 7 p.m. Saturday. Here is a link to their outage map: http://outagemap.gibsonemc.com/

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