Suspects kick in Kennett family's door, tie them up

Suspects kick in Kennett family's door, tie them up

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Dunklin County deputies are investigating a home invasion that happened just before midnight on Wednesday.

According to the sheriff's office, Dunklin County deputies were called to 511 Wheeler Dr. in Kennett for a reported burglary.

The caller told the officers at the scene that his neighbor and her two children were inside his home and had been robbed, and tied up while at gunpoint.

Just before midnight, three men broke into Shaunta Jones' home in Kennett and robbed her family at gunpoint.

Jones and her two children were inside their home when three black males kicked in the the carport entrance door. One suspect had a rifle and the other two suspects had pistols. She told police the suspects demanded money and drugs.

"They pointed the gun at me and my kids in our faces," Jones said. "And they was telling us that they were going to kill us. Somebody going to die tonight. If we didn't give them what they wanted."

The three masked intruders then tied up Jones and her 8-year-old daughter in her bedroom with zip ties. They kept her 11-year-old son in his room across the hall and hit her and her son in the face with guns.

The suspects went throughout the home looking in dresser drawers and cabinets in an effort to find what they were looking for. Jones was hit in the face with the butt of the rifle and her son was hit in the head with a gun.

During the incident, Jones was able to remove her hand from the zip-ties and was able to get to a bedroom along with her two children and secure the door. The family left the house by crawling out the bedroom window and going to a neighbor's home and calling authorities.

"We made it to my room and we got the door shut," she said. "By that time, he had made it to the door and then he kicked a hole in the door and I ended up having my dresser in front of the door where he couldn't open the door. And then me and my kids escaped through my window and climbed the fence and got out."

The suspects did take a pistol and an Xbox gaming system belonging to the victim.

Jones' son was taken to the hospital for treatment.

"I just think God we're alive," Jones said.

She said her family is shaken and they do not feel safe in their own home. She hopes the men are caught, but already has plans to move.

The incident is being investigated by the Dunklin County Sheriff's Office. Anyone having information about this incident is asked to call the sheriff's office at 573-888-2409 or 888-2424.

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