'Click it or Ticket' all year round

'Click it or Ticket' all year round

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - From May 9-26, the Illinois Department of Transportation supported law enforcement agencies statewide to remind drivers to buckle up both day and night during the "Click It or Ticket" seat belt enforcement mobilization.

"Our officers are out all year long. If you or your passengers, in the front seat or back seat, are caught not wearing a seat belt, day or night, you will be cited for the safety violation," said Carbondale Police Chief Jody O'Guinn

The Carbondale Police Department joined other state and local law enforcement agencies across Illinois in this annual effort to get more motorists to buckle up, in the front and back seat and save more lives.

During the mobilization, the Carbondale Police Department issued:

· 2 seat belt citations

· 1 child seat safety citation

· 2 DUI arrests

· 2 uninsured motorist citations

· 1 speeding citation

The annual Click It or Ticket mobilization may be over in Carbondale, but police say that is no excuse to stop using your seat belt.

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