McCracken County car crash leaves three injured

McCracken County car crash leaves three injured

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Three people are being treated for injuries after deputies say a driver failed to yield to the right of way of another vehicle in McCracken County on Wednesday, June 4.

The McCracken County Sheriff's Department said Teresa Sutton, 50, of Benton, Ky., was driving a 2011 Toyota Camry southbound on Benton Road. Sutton told deputies she was going to turn left into the Huck's Convenience Store. However, at last minute she decided to go up one more turn.

Sutton turned in front of 60-year-old Sherry Presson in a 2010 Dodge Caravan. Presson told deputies she was unable to stop in time when Sutton failed to yield the right of way.

Presson and two of her three passengers were taken to the hospital for possible non-life threatening injuries. Those passengers include LaCenter resident Melissa Taber, 45, and Kimberly Feiler, 37, of Bandana.

The third passenger, Jodi Overby, 36, of Kevil, Ky., was not injured in the crash.

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