Lifeguard makes rescue first day on job

Lifeguard makes rescue first day on job

CHESTER, IL (KFVS) - With summer in full swing, pools across the Heartland are open for business.

One lifeguard in Chester, Illinois made a rescue on his first day on the job.

Daulton Stahlheber was an hour into his first shift when he saw a young girl struggling in the deep end.

"I was just coming outside and I looked and I was wondering why Daulton wasn't on his stand," said Ally Briggs, a fellow lifeguard. "I looked out in the pool and saw him saving the girl."

"There was a few kids hanging over here on the bar and they were having fun and playing games," Stahlheber said. "She started going down and stayed down too long. That's whenever Link yelled at me."

"The girl was closer to Daulton on this side of the bars," Link Cushman said. "She went up and down. She was with her friends so you couldn't really tell. Then, eventually she stayed down too long. I said something to Daulton and he dived in."

The girl was returned to her family safely and Stahlheber said the best part was the hug the little girl gave him.

Lifeguards here in Chester take five full days of training in the classroom and pool before they can be certified.

The pool sees about 50 people a day in the summer.

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