Solar panels coming to Holcomb School District

Solar panels coming to Holcomb School District

HOLCOMB, MO (KFVS) - The Holcomb school district is getting solar panels.

Superintendent Ashley McMillian said the district isn't paying for installation costs or maintenance, and the panels are projected to save the school about $12,000 a year.

"The large one that's going to be in this area will start right here," McMillian said. "It will be 18 feet wide and it will run the entire length of this parking area."

McMillian estimates that length at roughly 100 feet. It is one of five areas on the Holcomb school campus where solar panels will be placed.

"During the day a day like this where it is very sunny outside, the solar panels are generating electricity," McMillian said. "There's a possibly that on a day when your buildings are using a tremendous amount your electric meter could be rolling backwards."

Holcomb isn't the only school doing this. The Gideon school district is also moving forward with plans to have solar panels installed.

The cities of Gideon and Portageville will also get them.

A company called Southern Solar systems will head up the projects. Leaders say they should all be installed pretty soon.

"Where the business aspects of it comes in for southern solar systems side is that it's projected we will save $12,000 in electricity through this," McMillian said. "We basically pay southern solar systems 50 percent of that as our lease payment for the time. It can't be more than that. If there's a year where our savings come out to $8,000, then our lease payment is 4 thousand dollars."

The lease lasts 20 years and after that the panels belong to the school and they keep all the savings. That's money McMillian looks forward to using for the school.

"I mean that just goes back to educating our kids," McMillian said. "Anyway we can save money and do that, it's a good thing."

You may start seeing the panels being installed as early as next week. The project is expected to be completed by the end of June.

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