Program aimed at helping next generation of entrepreneurs

Program aimed at helping next generation of entrepreneurs

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A program aimed at helping create the next generation of entrepreneurs has entered a new phase.

The website for the Union County CEO program just went live. This is a program aimed at helping high school juniors and seniors gain crucial skills to help them become business leaders in a world where a web presence is crucial.

So, as soon as they start classes, they're given a website which they can customize to the needs of their business.

The goal is to make sure the students are capable of running a business right here in the Heartland.

"Getting young people to see what the value is in their community," said Rollie Hawk, public relations director. "And that you can achieve all kinds of success without having to go anywhere far away. That there's all kinds of opportunities here in the area you grew up in that you don't even recognize."

The program accepts donations, but it's primarily funded by investors who share the same enthusiasm for growing business in Union County.

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