Conflicting reports in SIU student death case

Conflicting reports in SIU student death case

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A second autopsy shows Pravin Varughese had significant blunt force trauma to the head, indicating he was beaten up before he died according to the family's lawyer.

Originally, authorities that Pravin ran from a car sitting on the side of Route 13 after an altercation with the driver in February, went into these woods and died of hypothermia.

But Pravin's mother says when she saw the bruises on her son’s body and head, something wasn't adding up.

Along with a second autopsy, the family has hired a private investigator, in hopes that these conflicting reports are cleared up.

"If the first pathology report doesn't have any of those injuries that he had on his body, my god, I don't know what I would feel at that time," said Lovely Varughese, Pravin's mother.

Lovely Varughese says the second she saw her son after his body was found, something wasn't right.

Along with marks on his body, the family's lawyer is confused by why the driver of the truck, who Pravin left with the night he disappeared, was let go.

"Never questions him at length, allows him to leave the state, allows him according to the facts we have to trade his truck in and now he is somewhere in another state," said Charles Stegmeyer, the family's lawyer.

More questions are asked in a letter addressed to the Carbondale Human Relations Commission from Lovely Monday night.

Including why Pravin's family was not asked to identify him once he was discovered.

Why authorities couldn't place a crime scene since it was private property?

Why the family was brought to the location where he was found, but it was different from the place they were originally told by authorities?

Why police said Pravin was drunk, but toxicology reports show he was not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs the night he disappeared?

She also states in that letter, "When we asked about the mark on his forehead we were told that he was found face down and is frostbite and later we were told that he was found face up."

"Being a nurse, I know every single mark on a patient's body has to be accounted and written down and that should go for the doctors too. I expect that. I is a medical ethic, and that has to be there," said Lovely.

Lovely says she has yet to see the reports from the Jackson County Coroner, which are currently being reviewed by the Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr.

Lovely says she hopes to hear from Carr by the end of June, which he indicated to her over the phone last week.

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