Meeting held to discuss year-round farmer's market in Carbondale

Meeting held to discuss year-round farmer's market in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Carbondale's farmer's market could see big changes because of a big turnout at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The city had to open another room to accommodate more than 100 people who showed up at the meeting that included a representative from the USDA.

City leaders want a permanent building that both of Carbondale's markets could use.

Ideas about the project were batted around.

"The farmer's market as this 40 year old institution can really, I think, help build that sort of heart of Carbondale that everybody in the region can identify with and that alumni can identify with and students can appreciate; particularly as they mature and grow up," said Jane Adams with the Carbondale City Council.

An architect with the U.S. Department of Agriculture met with members of both of the Carbondale farmers' markets to talk about options.

An open meeting was also held to give customers and the general public the chance to offer their ideas on what they'd like to see in a year-round facility.

That public meeting was at the Carbondale Civic Center. It served as a litmus test to see how much people liked the idea.

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