Medicine cabinet makeover: Testing natural remedies

Medicine cabinet makeover: Testing natural remedies

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Could essential oils and natural remedies cure your ailments? Everything from sinus infections to headaches to bug bites.

At Family Friendly Farm in Cape County, Rachel Fasnacht is offering free classes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings to help those interested learn and test out the natural methods.

"We just want to educate people and many are interested," said Fasnacht.

Fasnacht calls the classes a "Medicine Cabinet Makeover' and covers treatments for cuts and burns, muscle pain, cramps, fever and cough, sinus issues and even anxiety.

"One of the things I really like it's an all natural way to go," said Fasnacht. 
Fasnacht teacher classes at Family Friendly Farm in Cape County. 
"I call it the medicine cabinet makeover," said Fasnacht. "It's what doctor mom would use every day, things like cough or burns, sore muscles every and other daily needs moms have. 

In her free classes Fasnacht explains how the oils are all natural and actually extracted from things like leaves, roots or flower petals and then concentrated into oils. The women explained what oils they've turned to the most. 
"Lavender I use for coughing, calming, and sleeping," said Gretchen Probst. "With several kids it really calms everything down." 
"Sometimes the throat issues really bother me," said Myrna Cheek. "The lemon is something someone gave me at church and I use that in water and it really seems to help that a lot." 
"I wouldn't be without Valor I use it and feel like I can face the day," said Valerie Eades, who's used oils for several years. 
While lemon and lavender speak for themselves Valor is popular for anxiety and contains spruce and rosewood. Panaway is another popular oil for muscle aches and contains wintergreen and clove. 
Clare Heisserer told us the oils helped her greatly with Lyme disease. "I was on a lot of medication," said Heisserer. "When when I tried one of these oils I didn't get sick. I use them all over my body. I use so many." 

There are over three hundred in all. But Fasnacht says it's simple to get started with just a few. 
Many of the oils have multiple uses and the women feel it's a hobby with benefits. Many of them told us they turned to the oils because of allergies to common medications, a desire to get away from antibiotics, and simply because they feel they are safer. 

"I just started adding oils and trying things and found out they work," said Eades. "You still have to go to the doctor for some things but for me the oils work." 
Meanwhile, check out more information and the class schedule with the links below. 

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