Family friend remembers officer killed in Virginia shooting

Family friend remembers officer killed in Virginia shooting

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A shooting between officers and a suspect in Norfolk, Virginia on Friday night left three people dead.

By the time the shooting stopped, the suspect, an officer and a 17-year-old were dead. That officer, Brian Jones, is from Livingston County, Kentucky.

People in Livingston County couldn't be more proud of Officer Brian Jones.

He was a husband, father and son to people from this area.

He left Livingston County to join the Navy, from there he lived out his dream of becoming a police officer in Norfolk, Virginia. He met his wife in Norfolk and they had three children together.

Family friend Robert Arflack is leaving on Tuesday to join the family in Virginia. He remembers Jones as a young kid going to church at Lola Pentecostal.

Arflack said Jones devoted his life to God and serving others.

It didn't surprise anyone that Jones went into law enforcement.

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