Public expresses concerns with Carbondale, Jackson Co. authorities

Public expresses concerns with Carbondale, Jackson Co. authorities

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Since he was found dead, Southern Illinois authorities have yet to release any reports related to Pravin Varughese’s death and family is continuing to fight for answers.

The Carbondale Human Relations Commission heard a statement written by Pravin’s mother, Lovely at Monday’s meeting.

In the letter, she outlined her concerns about The Carbondale Police Department and other Jackson County authorities involved in Pravin’s case.

During the investigation, she says she heard misleading information from authorities and thinks evidence could have been tampered with.

Also there, Larry Young, the father of Molly Young, says there are a lot of similarities between his daughters case and Pravin’s and wants something to change.

“The  biggest similarity I’ve seen, at least on the Carbondale Police Department’s part was making an assumption early on before taking the forensic facts and analyze them . They took the circumstantial evidence and used that and then they followed the assumption and the assumption was wrong,” says Young.

Commissioner Jerrold Henneich and the rest of the commissioners say they plan to take the concerns to the City Council.

We spoke to Pravin's family today. Watch for that story on Heartland News at 6.

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