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IL county clerks must issue same-sex marriage licenses, some have software issues


Same-sex marriage is now the law in Illinois.

It went into effect on Sunday, June 1, meaning all county clerks across the state must issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

But some counties simply couldn't get the software update fast enough to comply with the law, so they've called on the larger Jackson County to help out.

Court Clerk Larry Reinhardt said the process of obtaining a marriage license is the same regardless of orientation, but the software to process the licenses needed some adjustments.

"I did have some contact with some of the other counties with the same software," Reinhardt said. "They wanted to see how we did things and how the conversation worked for us. Once we did get our software changed, I did a set of instructions that I shared with some of the other counties."

Jackson County was among several that issued licenses to same-sex couples early, so it's already gotten plenty of practice to work out the kinks in the system.

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