Snap Hooks

Snap Hooks
By: Amy Jacquin

Snap Hooks promise to help you hang anything from lightweight clothes to heavy decorations.
The big selling point is these are suction-cupped hooks, so they can be taken down and moved around easily without damaging your walls. But are they worth the $10 you'll spend for an 8-pack?
The makers of Snap Hooks claim the small ones can hold up to five pounds. So what better way to test them than to use a 5-pound weight? We put one up Monday morning on my file cabinet, a cabinet Amy opens and closes all day long. It's banged around like a school or gym locker might be.
Snap Hooks don't work on porous surfaces like painted or papered walls, wood doors or paneling, most refrigerators, most plastics, or concrete unless it's very smooth.
But they do claim to grip tile, so that's our next test. I washed and dried a bathroom wall tile, and attached a large Snap Hook. The large hooks should hold up to 10 pounds. It takes the weight, and the clock starts ticking.
Finally, we put another small Snap Hook on glass outside our station door. This area is protected from direct rain or frost, like your car window would be. We use a three-pound weight here, similar to a couple of pieces of dry cleaning.
We check the hooks throughout the day, and so far so good. They passed the 24-hour mark, the two-day mark, and the three-day mark. They didn't slip a bit. So for this "Does it Work, " we give Snap Hooks an 'A.' If you don't mind the chunky plastic, they're not a bad way to spend $10 bucks!