App helps neighborhood watch groups

App helps neighborhood watch groups

Many members of local law enforcement say neighborhood watch groups can be key to stopping the rising number of crimes happening in neighborhoods from thefts to assaults.

Some members of the National Sheriff’s Association are backing a new app, ICE Black Box, aimed to assist neighborhood watch programs.

It is free for smartphones and allows you to make an emergency call and record videos of crime in action. Your videos are automatically sent to the contacts you sent to a portal where they can be seen by your contacts.

"We really think it's a good tool," said Sheriff Rick Walter of Scott County. "All you do is go to the app and you dial 911 and you hit it and you're calling 911 at the same time as you can be taking video. You can send those videos and immediately get the information to authorities," said Walter. 

Other Heartland Sheriffs agree. 

"I think it would be a great tool for neighborhood watch and also any citizen," said Bollinger County Sheriff Darin Shell. 

"I feel this could help our citizens survive encounters," said Sheriff Rick Stephens of Carter County. "I think the videos could also be used as potential evidence. 

The apps 911 button lets you make that call to your local authorities quickly and even sends your contacts an email.

ICE Black Box works for Androids and iPhones.For Androids you will need an additional app to play quick time movies. You also want to log out of your profile to avoid accidentally calling 911. The Scott County Sheriffs and his department are already encourage the community to download the app. You can add their office to your contacts on your profile:

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