The 'Gonzo' Pet Hair Lifter

The 'Gonzo' Pet Hair Lifter
By: Amy Jacquin

We love our pets, but not the hair they leave behind! It clings to our clothes, couches, and carpeting. And it's hard to get off. But one product promises to remove all that clingy hair with just one swipe. The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is a spongy thing that costs about$6.00. Is it worth it?
If you own dark-colored clothes, you know how they attract lint and pet hair. So that's what Amy used to test the Pet Hair Lifter. We also compare it to those traditional tape lint rollers you see everywhere.
Amy can't resist a loveable pet. But her clothes can't seem to resist their hair. After a few minutes holding and petting two very friendly cats, her suit is covered. And pet hair practically weaves itself into wool, making it even harder to get off.
She used the Pet Hair Lifter on her right side, and the traditional lint tape roller on her left. The sponge kept getting so much hair on it, Amy ended up wiping hair back on herself instead of off. She frequently had to stop and clean it, which is not as easy as it sounds. You have to carefully pick at the sponge, and try to throw small, floating hair clumps away before they stick back on you! And you can't help but tear away small pieces of sponge, too.
The competition, the lint tape roller, was much easier. A few smooth passes, and a couple of clean sheets of tape, and the other half of her suit was clean in less than a minute! Pet hair comes off better and more quickly using the lint roller.
Pet owners also have to worry about furniture, and that seems to be where the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter works best. Each swipe along a hair-covered chair left a clean streak. The sponge is definitely more efficient and convenient on smoother fabrics, than on wool .
So, does the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter' work? Amy's side-by-side comparison shows that it got her clothes just as clean as the lint tape roller. It also took longer and it was a pain to keep clean. But it is also cheaper over the long haul. Overall, not a bad buy' for six bucks. Amy gives it a C+.