Church sponsors Fun Day in Cairo, IL

Church sponsors Fun Day in Cairo, IL

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - The Missionary Baptist Church in Cairo, Illinois hosted a Fun Day on Saturday.

Around 500 people showed up there. Nearly 20 percent of the town's population came out for food and fun.

There was plenty of music, food, a variety of prizes and smiles. The International Fellowship Christian Church helped came from St. Louis to help out and gave their support for the event.

Cairo residents said with said this event was a must for their community. This comes after the deadly attack at the First National Bank several weeks ago.

Residents say they needed something positive to focus on. They say this get together was something that the community could be reminded of about what Cairo is all about.

Folks say they need to be focused on the good that they have there and not be concerned with the bad.

"The church and the community comes together, and how it can show everything in Cairo is not negative and that good things can come from being in a small town, "said Ashley Bell, a Cairo resident.

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