Survey shows many making plans for Summer vacations

Survey shows many making plans for Summer vacations

(KFVS) - As the summer travel season began this week, Trip Advisor surveyed more than 2,500 travelers. They learned that 89 percent of those surveyed are planning to take a Summer vacation this year.

Nearly 10 percent surveyed said last winter's harsh weather and polar vortex were inspirations for their summer vacations.

And, 36 percent of travelers plan to spend more on their leisure summer travel in 2014 than last year.

Based on the Trip Advisor survey. their plans include:

Most Popular Types of Summer Vacations

1. Beach / Ocean escape- 45%

2. City vacation- 42%

3. National park visit- 21%

Top Summer Activities

54% Shopping

49% Swimming / watersports

49% Visiting a historical site or event

Favorite Summer Food Indulgences

1. 18% said they would splurge on ice cream

2. 14% will reach for a lobster

3. 9% look forward to watermelon

Top Summer Beverages

1. 16% will drink beer

2. 11% will have a margarita

3. 9% will enjoy lemonade

Top U.S. Summer Escapes

This summer 66% of respondents plan to travel domestically and their top destinations include:

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

3. New York City, New York

4. Destin, Florida

5. Ocean City, Maryland

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