KY students invention could garner national attention

KY students invention could garner national attention

BENTON, KY (KFVS) - A team of 9th graders from Marshall County think their invention could revolutionize fire fighting, and garner them national recognition.

Students at Marshall County High School will take their invention to the e-CYBERMISSION contest in Washington D.C. in June 2014.

Their device is designed to help fire crews fight a fire through a window, instead of going into a burning building.

"Once it's inside the hose is charged at between 150-175 psi", said Max Chambers, Freshman at Marshall High School. "This causes the water to come out of every single hole and it will clear out the entire room, pretty much effectively. The goal is to get firefighters out of the fire. The goal our entire time is to keep firefighters out of the fire, and keep them safe and from losing lives."

Members of the fire department in Benton, Kentucky helped the teenagers test their invention.

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