Man goes from homeless to entrepreneur in just a few months

Man goes from homeless to entrepreneur in just a few months

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - From homeless to entrepreneur in just a few months.

A Herrin, Illinois man has worked his way up the ladder of success, one clean headlight at a time.

"I didn't really have much going on in my life, you know? I have always been a hard worker and stuff and I kept falling into these jobs where you weren't really respected and your values or anything," said David Hongsermeier.

One day, while working at a car detail shop, he stumbled upon an idea and created a product he hopes will save people money and lives.

"I've had a lot of people laugh at me and say that's not important, or they have kits and you can do it with toothpaste," Hongsermeier said. "I just kept going to show people."

Instead of replacing bulbs and the plastic covering, Hongsermeier uses a little elbow grease and an invention of products to make the lights like new again.

And the critics agree.

"I thought I needed new light bulbs in them, but I guess not because those are beautiful."

His small business has gotten him off the street and on the road to a successful life.

Hongsermeier will be showcasing his product at the House of Hope block party in Herrin on June 7.

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