Trucks making a ruckus in Percy, IL

Trucks making a ruckus in Percy, IL

PERCY, IL (KFVS) - Some people from one southern Illinois town say they're fed up.

The town of Percy is located in Randolph County and day after day, trucks run through a neighborhood, many of them carrying thousand of pounds of coal. People there say its damaging roads and destroying the village's quiet appeal.

"It's just a nice, quiet little town. At least it use to be a nice quiet little town," said Dianna Eubanks, a Percy resident.

Eubanks is one of about 900 residents living in town.

A total 600 trucks drive past her house every day.

"It starts at five o'clock in the morning and doesn't stop till about six, seven o'clock at night," she said.

Back and fourth, the trucks hauling coal from Knight Hawk Coal to a barge loading facility in Chester, Illinois.

"We're to the point where when they get this road fixed, we are ready to move out," said Debbie Sternberg.

The noise isn't the only thing bothering Sternberg and her husband the road itself has required major repairs through the years.

"Structural damage, foundation damage, it's cracking my foundation all up," said Jeff Neville, Sternberg's neighbor.

Its taken its toll on his house, as well.

"If you don't have trucks running up and down these roads, you don't have commerce,"said George Haynes, a driver of one of the trucks. "If you don't have coal going to the power plants, you have no heat."

Drivers like Haynes say he and the rest of the crew obey the laws and respect the town's residents during each of their 14 trips.

But it's up to the state to decide if they want to put in an alternate route.

For many, that route would steer clear of Percy.

"Not just for me but for everybody that runs up and down this road," Sternberg said.

Eubanks said she's contacted a number of state representatives to discuss putting in another road.

She's only been told the state will continue to maintain it.

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