Chrissy Williams' family demands answers

Chrissy Williams' family demands answers

HARDIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - In March, investigators found the body of Chrissy Williams three months after she disappeared.

She was in her SUV in the Ohio River.

Williams' family was hoping the discovery would bring them closure, but it only led to more questions.

Now, her family has a pathology report and they're demanding answers.

They're still grieving over the loss of a daughter, sister and mother. As for how Chrissy Williams died, that remains a mystery.

A pathology report obtained by the family is painting a better picture.

Chrissy's sister, Tami Jackson, believes her sister was already dead when her car was driven into the water.

Jackson said the pathology report shows that her organs were dry and there was nothing to indicate that she took a breath after it went in.

The placement of where Chrissy was found, along with other items inside the car, spark debate for Jackson too.

Although an official ruling from the coroner and Illinois State Police has yet to be released, Jackson said she will never stop pressing for answers.

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