Next Perryville school year to be five days shorter

Next Perryville school year to be five days shorter

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - It may be welcome news to students and parents in the Perryville school district after this long winter.

The next school year will be five days shorter.

School leaders have opted to add 15 minutes to each school day. That means kids will go to school for 169 days.

People we spoke with were mixed on the idea.

"I think they should have kept it the way it was, but it's going to make it nice for the kids to have the extra summer vacation and I think it will be good idea for the end of the school year," Tasha Meyer said.

"Don't really like it because I play so many sports and that makes my day longer, so it makes it kind of hard and then there is less time for homework and stuff," freshman Mia Kurre said.

The state of Missouri requires 1,044 classroom hours.

School leaders tell us they will still meet that requirement.

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