Illinois fracking on the fast-track

Its been nearly a year since Illinois lawmakers approved regulations for fracking.

But in a move by Representative John Bradley the state is one step closer to implementing the controversial practice.

Representative Bradley proposed legislation Friday to fast-track fracking through a measure that would reportedly skip that rule-making process.

He says this is about jobs and Illinois can no longer afford to wait.

But the move doesn't come without outrage from those against it.

Opponents of fracking say they're not being heard.

Despite protesting representative John Bradley's office Tuesday morning ...

"They're just going to be moving forward with mass fracking industrialization in Illinois without any protection of our water air or soil," says Brent Ritzel, a southern Illinois resident.

Their signs, chants, and arguments, are all in response to what they're calling a shocking move by Representative Bradley over the memorial day weekend.

The Illinois house voted to pass a measure, which opponents say will leave fracking unregulated.

"Southern Illinois is not a resource colony and will not be Chicago's sacrifice zone," says Ritzel.

Representative Bradley objects and says there will be the strongest environmental safeguards in the history of the united states when fracking begins.

"We need jobs in my area. People i represent need jobs and this is an opportunity to get jobs in a responsible way and there is a great deal of frustration," says Representative Bradley.

The group plans to meet with him in June.

"We will be here today, we will be here tomorrow, we are not going to wait and we are not going to have fracking in southern illinois,” Annette Mcmichael SAFE communications director

an executive committee voted 7-4 monday to put representative bradley's plan to the full house for a vote despite protests from environmentalists.

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