Businesses get a boost this holiday weekend

Businesses get a boost this holiday weekend
“It’s been busy, very busy,” owner Dorothy Brotherton said.
“It’s been busy, very busy,” owner Dorothy Brotherton said.

LAKE WAPPAPELLO, MO (KFVS) - The holiday weekend is in full swing in the Heartland. According to AAA, it's not the only place. A recent report shows Memorial Day weekend vacationing is up across the country this year when compared to last.

Every campsite at People's Creek Campground is completely full this holiday weekend. In fact, every Corps of Engineer's campground at Lake Wappapello is completely booked up. That's good news for local businesses and the local economy.

For businesses like Sundowner Marine Center, it's the kind of weekend the owners like to have.

"It's been busy, very busy," owner Dorothy Brotherton said.

She says their family business depends on folks coming out on holiday weekends like this one.

"Well, that is our business, to make fun for people, selling boats and motors, and we have the marina, the slip rentals, the gas station at the marina," Brotherton said.

According to AAA, Holiday travel is up 1.5 percent when compared to last year.

"It's good news because we have more business, more people, more business," Brotherton said.

They're not the only place feeling the boost of busyness this weekend.

"We get booked up well in advance of the weekend," Don Mallory said.

Don and Nellie Mallory are the camp hosts at People's Creek Campground. They say it's one of the busiest weekends of the year.

"A lot of people wait until the weekend and they come, and we have to turn them away. There's just no place to put them," Mallory said.

That's why one family from East Prairie booked their site in March.

"We came in on Thursday and ever since, it seems like every campsite keeps filling up even more," Emily Garner said.

She and her family have been coming here for years. She says it's a great family weekend.

"This is her first camping trip, so we've been doing lots of swimming as you can tell," Garner said.

Campgrounds, stores, and, of course, the lake are all busy, bringing needed business to the area this holiday weekend.

"Lots of times on holiday weekends especially, you might see 200 boats out there," Nellie Mallory said.

"Just invite all the people to the lake this summer to enjoy Lake Wappapello and have fun," Brotherton said.

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff for this entire summer. Local business owners say they hope it stays this way the entire season.

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