Couple pedals around the globe, hits the Heartland

Couple pedals around the globe, hits the Heartland

For the last three and a half years Warren Sanders and Esther Tacke have been pedaling around the world.

They are - cherry picking the best places in to cycle through.

Over 28,000 miles later, they have landed right here in the Heartland.

It's a journey in itself to travel around the world, but near impossible feat to do it on a bicycle.

However, it can be done.

Where did this idea originate?

“I have no idea, once you have the stupid idea of riding around the world, you’re cursed,” said Sanders.

The two have seen and experienced it all.

They pedaled through earthquakes in Chile, to the busy streets of China and over mountains in Austria to the aftermath of war zones.

“We went up to memorials of whole villages that had been wiped out and people just point out that, ‘that was my auntie, that was my uncle,’ and we were in tears and that these people wanted to know that they were very grateful,” said Sanders.

But not without a few bumps along the way that almost ended the trip before it started.

“I got a strong talking to. I am not going back to my job, I've had my leaving party, this is going to look really silly if i crawl back to work, said Sanders.

Out of all the sights and sounds they say small town America is one of their favorite places.

“People just want to shake your hands and try to pick up on your energy and give you more energy, which is really sweet,” said Tacke.

They say the hospitality of total strangers and interest everyone they meet including the local media has taught them a lot.

“Having learned that it doesn't matter how small your flat is or how small your flat is or how much green grass you've got, people that are traveling are just happy about anything," said Tacke. "Making contacts, that is something that I will take with me, just open all the doors and accommodate people if i can. The world leaves a mark on you. You see the world with a different eye.”

While in Carbondale, Starbucks was their first pit stop.

They started in New Zealand and the finish line is Seattle, Washington.

They are hoping to be there by mid August.

If you would like to follow their journey, visit their blog at:

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