DIW: Clear TV

DIW: Clear TV

(KFVS) - Without cable or satellite, the Clear TV antenna says you should be able to get stations like CBS, ABC and NBC for free.

"Why spend hundreds of dollars a year for cable and satellite only channels when you can watch broadcast television for free," claims the Clear TV commercial.

Kristina Brown lives just outside of Essex and uses bunny ears to pick up TV channels.

"We just use the antenna that you plug into the back of your TV, and whatever it picks up, it picks up," said Brown.

Brown's family gets a few channels, but they're interested in trying Clear TV.

"It would be nice, especially not being able to get cable out here, and satellite now days is just outrageous, and our budget, just regular TV right now is what we can afford, so if this picks up more channels that would be great," said Brown.

We put the product to the test.

We hung the antenna, plugged in the cable and searched for the channels.

"It only gave me three channels this time, and before with the other antenna I not only picked up these three channels, but plus FOX, WB and every now and then ABC," said Brown.

Since the Clear TV antenna picked up fewer channels than the bunny ears, we tried moving the antenna.

"Now we're going to try it on the window," said Brown.

We did the same thing; hung the antenna, plugged it in and searched for stations.

"Three channels still," said Brown.

Brown isn't impressed by the Clear TV antenna and gives it one star.

"I would still go with my bunny ears that I have now, they're cheaper, and I pick up more stations," said Brown.

The first part of our test was in rural Stoddard County, which is like a lot of the Heartland where your Clear TV would be more than 35 miles away from the station antenna. We tested it at a second location just about 2 miles away from our KFVS station antenna we're going to try it again and see if it works.

Margie Welker can't get cable where she lives in Cape Girardeau County, so she just watches movies on her TV.

She's interested in trying out Clear TV.

"Just something that brings in a little more than I've got right now," said Welker.

We tested it again. We hung the antenna, plugged in the cord and scanned for channels.

"Oh that's simple," said Welker.

This time, the Clear TV antenna picked up 10 channels, but some of the channels were a little blurry.

So we moved the antenna to the other side of the room, closer to the station antenna.

This time it only picked up five channels, but Welker said they are clearer.

"Much clearer than over there," said Welker.

Welker said the antenna is a success, and gives it 5 stars.

So, depending on where you live, and how you'll use the Clear TV antenna, the rating varies.

We ordered Clear TV online. We got two antennas for $20.

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