Study: Bullying can have health benefits, teachers disagree

Study: Bullying can have health benefits, teachers disagree

(KFVS) - Bullying continues to be a problem for people in many areas of the country and even throughout the world. This fact makes the results of a new study even more eye-catching.

The study shows health problems can show up in those bullied long after the incident, but interestingly enough, the new study also shows that bullying may make the bully healthier.

However, local school administrators say there is more to this study than that.

"Make sure you read the study, and all of it," said Dr. Stan Seiler, Superintendent of Advance Schools. "It said that bullying was extremely harmful for the victim. That was their number one conclusion."

Researchers also found that those who bullied saw a health boost that lasted long into adulthood.

People who were bullies showed lower levels of something called c-reactive protein which is a marker for inflammation and could mean a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. The researchers say this shows the powerful role that social status and bullying can have in the health of a child and they say the results suggest that their role in bullying can either become a risk or protective health factor.

However, teachers like Robin Minton say that won't change the way they educate their students about the harmful effects of bullying.

"We try to stop it before it even begins. If there is rumor about somebody having a conflict, we try to stop it immediately," Minton said. 

Dr. Seiler and Minton both agree, nothing good comes from bullying.

"It hurts everybody's feelings. I don't see anything healthy about that at all," Minton said.

"Bullying is never healthy, it's never safe and schools will not consider it healthy or safe. Ever," Dr. Seiler said.

The study was just published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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