Cairo man to form neighborhood watch program

Cairo man to form neighborhood watch program

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Recent violence, including a deadly armed robbery on Thursday is inspiring the community of Cairo to band together to stop crime.

The shock of what happened here at the bank on Thursday night is starting to wear off here for the folks in Cairo.

Now some are calling this tragic event the last straw and are fighting for a change.

Danny Brown says he started a neighborhood about a month ago.

However, He says since the robbery, he has gotten many calls from people wanting to join his efforts.

He says it's a citizen led program, to help fight crime.

Brown says even though what happened at the bank was tragic, it's strengthened the community.

He says it was a wake up call for many in the town.

"Really, it's making a positive out of a negative," said Brown. "Really it's a positive that's coming out of it because now, people are getting interested in it. Don't try to be a police officer. You're just watching. You're not doing anything else."

Locals like Daisy Orr say they'll join in the fight. 

"A lot of people don't want to speak out and say anything and that's one of the biggest problems because a lot of people know what's going on but they won't say anything," Orr said.

Brown says he hopes the neighborhood watch program will expand and reach the entire city.

He says the more people who are watching, the more they can help decrease the amount of crime in Cairo.

Brown says if people in town do not feel comfortable calling police directly, they can call him.

Then he will call police to report the crime.

Contact Brown at 618-734-9625 if interested.

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