Trees uprooted due to heavy rain in southern Illinois

Trees uprooted due to heavy rain in southern Illinois

GRAND TOWER, IL (KFVS) - Heavy rain left its mark on parts on southern Illinois on Wednesday causing trees to topple over.

It's happened not once, but twice.

One of the homeowners says the ground got so wet from the rain. A 100-year-old tree uprooted and fell directly on this house.

Lynda Glover credits her dog for saving her life.

“Thank God for that two and a half bound dachshund," said Glover. "She’s the one that made me get out of the room that caved in."

After a massive tree fell on her house Wednesday, Glover says she’s lucky she only hurt her shoulder.

“There’s a chair right in that corner, and that is where my mother was sitting when all of this happened,” her son Rickey Glover said.

Rickey Glover says she was pinned to a chair and trapped inside. He had to use an axe to break down the door.

“The roof is on the floor in spots, tiles are falling off and there is furniture that is helping to hold the roof up,” said Rickey Glover.

Emergency crews say the house is a total loss.

“If it would of fell directly on my father, he would have been dead,” said Victoria Loden, explaining that the tree that landed on her father's house narrowly missed the room where he was sleeping.

Rickey Smith says the 100-year-old oak tree came crashing through his dinning room.

“It sounded like a hurricane,” Smith said.

Smith immediately called his daughter who came rushing over.

“I consider myself very lucky, if it wasn't for that other tree I probably would have been dead," Smith said.

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