Tech devices to help grads, parents

Tech devices to help grads, parents

(KFVS) - Thanks to modern technology, the world is at our fingertips. And for high school grads heading off into that world, parents tend to wonder, "How will this technology help my child excel in school?"

A tablet can be very helpful for the graduating class of 2014 both in and out of the classroom.

"In the classroom they can take notes. So they can research, they can write papers and do whatever they need to do outside of the classroom. It does have WiFi," says Teresa Borneman with Staples in Cape Girardeau.

The tech market offers a variety of tablets. The Surface 2 can run from $449 to $900 for the Pro model. Another option could be the Apple ipad starting at about $300. And Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab running about $150 to $350, which can save parents some cash compared to the higher priced competitors.

Of course parents want these tech devices to be able to help their child do well in school, but technology can also help give mom and dad a different sort of peace of mind.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are great ways for students to stay connected to their family back home while they're away. Whether it be through a text message, video chat, Facebook or a simple phone call, staying connected is key and there are lots of smartphone options to help keep that connection.

The top choices include the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Apple iPhone is of course a popular option and the HTC smartphone line continues to grow in popularity.

Prices vary and you can usually find a deal with a contract.

"So these items are a little more expensive than your normal graduation gift," Borneman says. "But they are an investment in your child's future. They can use them in their college years (and) after their college years. We offer extended services to keep them running like new. And to me, with my daughter going off to college, there's no price that I can put on being able to stay in touch with her while she's gone."

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