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Does It Work? Biochemistry Heel No Pain

Source: WBRC video Source: WBRC video
Karla Ross tested the spray in her pair of heels. Source: WBRC video Karla Ross tested the spray in her pair of heels. Source: WBRC video

High heels may look good but oftentimes they don't feel so good. A shoe spray promises to make all the pain go away.

FOX6 News Investigative Reporter Ronda Robinson set out to find out Does It Work?

"I probably wear them so much that is just second nature for me," Karla Ross said.

Ross has tried many products in her search for some relief.

"I have tried the foot pads but they may not stay in place and then you may be able to see them from your shoe and thats not cute," Ross said.

When I told her about this spray called Heel No Pain made by Biochemistry she could not wait to try it.

We also dropped by the office of Dr. Robert Flannery, an orthopedic specialist, to get his thoughts on the product and high heel pain.

"If it's sharper pain from the skin it might give you some relief," Flannery said.

Dr. Flannery took a look at the ingredients.

"I don't see any harm to this product. I just don't think it will do as much as it says its going to do," Flannery said.

The one ingredient that stood out was lidocaine which Flannery says may temporarily get rid of the pain but that's about it.

"Its difficult for any product to penetrate deep enough. The problem with high heels is that it prevents the foot from moving the way its supposed to move and its actually the bones and deep tissue that cause the pain not the skin," said Flannery.

So what did Ross think?

"When I sprayed it I immediately felt comfort or so I thought but as the day went on I didn't notice I had [the spray] on. From the amount that I sprayed I could not tell the difference," Ross said.

In the end, Ross gave the product a thumbs down. Flannery says the best way to ease high heel pain is tp wear a lower heel or flats.

The company released the following statement about their product:

"It works for 70 to 80 percent of people. It works similar to over the counter medications like Tylenol. [Creator] Dr. Hayworth is working to provide another solution for those not experiencing immediate relief."

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