Electric Co-op says to watch for phone scammers

Electric Co-op says to watch for phone scammers

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) is warming customers about a telephone scam.

According to JPEC, the caller says their power will be disconnected within the next hour for non-payment due to problems with their last three payments. The caller then tells them they must send $998 to avoid disconnect.

About an hour later, the caller says he will settle for $500 and ask them to go to CVS and purchase a "green dot cash card."

The callers then tell people to call 1-800-881-4237 and give them the access code so they can receive the cash payment.

"We encourage our members to safeguard their personal information (Social Security numbers, banking information, birth dates, etc.) and never follow instructions like this from callers asking you to purchase cash cards for payments, said Kelly Nuckols, President and CEO.

"Falling prey to scams like this can be costly to the member," said Izell White, VP of Human Resources and Member Relations.

The Co-op says customers should contact them immediately if they receive calls like this.

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