Legislation to help repair Grand Tower Levee on governor’s desk

Legislation to help repair Grand Tower Levee on governor’s desk

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - Jackson County is just one signature away from issuing bonds in order to pay for repairs needed to fix the Grand Tower Levee.

Senate Bill 2721 is heading to the governor's desk for his signature, upon the Governor's signature, Senate Bill 2721 will become law.

"I appreciate the help from both sides of the aisle for putting partisan politics aside by helping me help the city of Grand Tower and Jackson County," said Representative Mike Bost. "The bill approved today will help Jackson County fund the much needed repairs to the Grand Tower Levee. This levee not only protects the entire river bottoms of Jackson County, this levee protects Route 3, a power plant, two railroads, and a major gas line which runs across the country. Any flooding would be detrimental to the state and the community. Again, I am pleased that the legislature put partisan politics aside and joined me in helping Jackson County repair the Grand Tower Levee."

Since the community of Grand Tower and Jackson County approached Representative Bost about this issue within the past year.

Rep. Bost and Senator Luechtefeld sponsored the bill.

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