7th graders in Marion play dress-up as historical figures

7th graders in Marion play dress-up as historical figures

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Seventh graders at Marion Junior High School played dress-up as their favorite historical figure on Thursday, May 8.

It was all part of a two-month long assignment where students had to research, write papers and make a display about that person.

Some chose John Glenn, Steve Jobs and of course Stan Musial was there.

The students then presented their projects to the fourth grade class.

Jenna Fletcher, one of the school's english teachers, said this was great and students had a lot of fun.

"I love acting, like I can be someone else, I can be whatever I want," said Marissa Basi dressed as Alex Morgan. "These kids don't know me and they think I'm Alex Morgan. It is pretty cool."

Students got to choose from a list of historical figures.

"I thought it would be interesting to teach them someone who is new and interesting and they may know as they grow older," said Eliana Cox dressed at Kate Spade.

Additionally, the assignment meets the Common Core curriculum.

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