Crews inspecting area around old Ledbetter Bridge

Crews inspecting area around old Ledbetter Bridge

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Crews are walking around the old Ledbetter Bridge inspecting for any additional land slippage.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, a group from the Kentucky Geological Survey is walking the shoreline around the Old Ledbetter Bridge to check on the landslip that caused movement of two approach piers.

Sheriff's deputies and McCracken County EMA personnel have placed warning tape around the base of the bridge on the McCracken County side of the structure.

Transportation officials say people have been seen hiking beneath the bridge despite officials warning the public to stay away.

Officials say there is always a threat of additional land movement that might cause hazards for anyone below the bridge structure because several inches of rain could fall in the next few days.

The area has received about 3.5 inches of rain in the two days prior to the landslip last week.

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