Group helps out flooded residents in Lilbourn

Group helps out flooded residents in Lilbourn

LILBOURN, MO (KFVS) - Flooding was the one of big problems last week in Lilbourn, Missouri.

This week local communities are focused on recovery. Wednesday, it was a different story.

The water is gone but it has mark on the community of Lilbourn.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group was in town on Wednesday.

They have been on the ground since Monday and plan staying at least until the end of the week.

Organizers say damage range from minor to this home that everything 4 feet and below had to be cut out.

They say some properties already have the beginning stages of mold because of the water that ran through.

"We are doing what they call a mud out, said Butch Gamache. "What we do is we go in there and cut the walls up four foot and then we take out the insulation and as you've seen the piles. We take the dry wall out and the insulation."

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group has 35 people working in three groups.

They are staying at the church in town with other folks providing the meals for them.

"We have some jobs and we have some large jobs and what you have seen on the inside is one of our largest jobs that we are doing," Gamache said "An elder lady lives here and her daughter lives next door. Once we finish here, we are going next door to do the exact same thing to her house."


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