Illinois 'Drinking Water Week' May 4-10

Illinois 'Drinking Water Week' May 4-10

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - The state Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hosting the Inaugural Water Loss Accounting Meeting which celebrates Drinking Water Week in Illinois.

The Illinois EPA Director Lisa Bonnett today convened the first Water Loss Accounting Steering Committee meeting at Agency headquarters.

According to a news release, the week May 4-10 has also been proclaimed by Governor Pat Quinn as Drinking Water Week in Illinois.

"More than 12.4 million people are served daily by 5,500 public drinking water systems, ranging from small community water supplies to a large metropolitan drinking water system," said Director Bonnett. "Each Illinoisan relies on their water system to provide a safe and dependable supply of water, both now and in the future."

The group says they will meet to gather information on the best practices, costs and benefits, train and conduct outreach with Illinois city's and towns.

Drinking Water Week, which recognizes the importance of water source protection and conservation, as well as the value, importance, and fragility of our state's water resources, according to the EPA.

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