Kennett property manager: Property left damaged

Kennett property manager: Property left damaged

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - A Kennett, Missouri property manager's discovery has some worried that a child with special medical needs might not be getting the needed care.

Adam Squires said he found one of his rental properties filled with trash; and after a closer look, he found IV feeding medicine. He called the doctor on the label and the doctor told him every bag was one day's worth of food. He estimated they found 50 bags.

Squires said the rest of the home was badly damaged with trash everywhere, holes in walls and the carpet ruined.

He said a man, woman and three children stayed in the house before they left. Because of everything he found and the condition of the house, he said he can't rent it out for awhile now.

"When you walk in, it looks like they took the whole community's trash and brought it in," Squires said. "You have trash scattered. You have rotten food. The sink was full of rotten food. The dishes were half clean. This is not the only time we've seen it."

Squires said damaged property is nothing new for him. He estimates one property every other month is left in poor shape.

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