Southeast Board of Regents sets incidental, general fees and increases online course fees

Southeast Board of Regents sets incidental, general fees and increases online course fees

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents set incidental and general fees for fiscal 2015 and approved an increase to the fee on online courses beginning next fall.

The Regents met on Tuesday, May 6.

They approved an increase to incidental fees of $3.35 per credit hour. However, these fees will be waived due to anticipated increases to state appropriations. Therefore, students will pay the same incidental fees in the 2014-2015 academic year as the current year. The University will assess an additional $2.50 in general fees for maintenance and repair that was originally scheduled to be implemented in Fall 2013. The combined per credit hour incidental and general fees charged to students beginning in fall 2014 will therefore be $231.25 for Missouri resident undergraduates, which represents a 1.1 percent increase on fees assessed to students in fiscal 2014. Total required fees per credit hour charged will be $409 for non-resident undergraduates; $292 for resident graduate students; $516 for non-resident graduate students; and $145 for lower division courses at the regional campuses.

Kathy Mangels, vice president for finance and administration, said Southeast's Student Government endorsed this fee schedule at their April 21 meeting.

Based on the new rate schedule, Southeast's incidental fees will remain lower than almost every comparable university in the region. Southeast's incidental fees of $197.55 per credit hour for fiscal 2015 will be less than University of Missouri-Columbia's rate of $274 per credit hour and Missouri State University's rate of $204 per credit hour.

Special course fees on online courses will increase by $7 per credit hour, but this increase will be phased in over two academic years. The online course feewill rise by $4.50 per credit hour in fall 2014 to $17 per credit hour. A second fee increase on online courses of $2.50 per credit hour be implemented in fall 2015.

The per credit hour special course fee on online courses currently is at $12.50, which was implemented in fall 2007, Kathy Mangels said.

Online course offerings have expanded rapidly in the last few years to almost 50,000 student credit hours in academic year 2013, she said. The implementation of winter intersession four years ago, which provides strictly online course offerings, the focus on expanding online majors to meet the needs of student populations, including working adults and active military personnel, are expected to continue to grow the need for online courses, Mangels said.

Mangels says the additional $2.50 per credit hour increase to be implemented in fall 2015 will allow additional support services to be added when needed knowing the resources will be available.

The university said revenue from the approved increase will fund the expansion of the Information Technology Help Desk to a 24/7 operation.

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