Union Co. Supervisor of Assessments Office receives upgraded computer systems

Union Co. Supervisor of Assessments Office receives upgraded computer systems

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Union County Supervisor of Assessments Office has recently received a long-awaited upgrade to its computer systems.

Where just two months ago that office had some of the oldest and slowest computers of any county office, they say they are now among the best.

"We replaced four computers and monitors and redeployed one of the better systems for the public counter," said Union County Chief Information Officer Rollie Hawk. "For a very minimal investment, we were able to make some dramatic improvements."

Hawk described this as a significant upgrade that is already benefiting the public.

"The speed increase has been dramatic thanks to the hardware upgrades," he said. "Anything that helps the staff do their jobs faster and more efficiently benefits the public. The public access machine is getting a lot more use already since replacing it last week. This is an office that gets calls and email for information throughout the day and lots of people coming in to do research so this is somewhere that the benefits to taxpayers will be very direct and observable."

Hawk said upgrading the Assessor's computer systems was a major goal for both him and the Union County Board of Commissioners.

He anticipated one more major improvement for the Supervisor of Assessments Office this year.

"We're currently evaluating tax software and deciding which direction we want to go," he said. "Whether we upgrade our current software or go with something new, we'll be setting up a new server that the Assessor, Clerk and Treasurer will share as well as more modern tax software. Again, this will make things faster and more efficient not only for the staff but the public, too. Improving public services is our top criteria with any technology spending."

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