Dexter man sentenced to 25 years for second-degree murder

Dexter man sentenced to 25 years for second-degree murder
Sean Crow's body was discovered Wednesday in a red pickup truck outside the Advance McDonald's.
Sean Crow's body was discovered Wednesday in a red pickup truck outside the Advance McDonald's.

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - A Dexter man convicted of second-degree murder was sentenced to 25 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Glen Scott Evans found not guilty of first degree murder. He was found guilty of murder second degree.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed and shackled, Evans walked up in front of Judge William L. Syler quietly at the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse on Monday morning for his sentence hearing.

Evans is accused of being involved in the killing 34-year-old Sean Crow of Bernie in February 2013.

Authorities say someone shot Crow outside the Advance McDonalds. Someone found his body the next day inside his truck.

Crow's sister, Shannon Smith, cried as she read a statement in the courtroom during the sentence hearing.

"Mr. Evans deserves every year he gets in prison." Smith said. "The last 15 months was the worst in my life."

After Smith's statement, Evans turned around and faced the family.

Evans apologized and cried, "I did not know who he was when I took him (Matthew Cook) to go see that night. I did not know there was going to be a death that night. I should have called police. Until you walk in those shoes, you don't understand the decisions you have to make. I was wrong. I made bad choices. Let the punishment match the crime. I am not a killer. I am not a monster. It was not a plan. I simply made a wrong choice to give this man a ride."

After Judge Syler sentenced Evans to 25 years, a loud gasp was heard from the people in the courtroom

Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver released the following statement about the sentence:

"We are very pleased with the sentence and believe justice has been done in this case. This conviction and sentence would not have been possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours spent by the members of the Stoddard County Major Case Squad lead by Captain Hank Trout of the Stoddard County Sheriff's Department. The Major Case Squad is comprised of the Stoddard County Sheriff's Department & Sheriff Carl Hefner, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Dexter Police Department, and the Advance Missouri Police Department. Further, I cannot begin to express the level of respect I have for these folks and their true dedication to seeking justice. These individuals went above and beyond the call of duty in this case. They worked around the clock for nearly a week to solve this case and countless hours after to see it through to completion. Stoddard County is truly blessed to have such dedicated law enforcement officials working for them."

According to the probable cause statement, Crow was shot in the face. Authorities found a .22 caliber shell casing at the scene.

According to the affidavit, (Glen) Scott Evans told police that he was contacted by Matt Cook.

After drinking some beers Cook allegedly asked Evans to drive him to Advance to "take care of some business with a guy."

On the way Matt Cook allegedly used a woman's cell phone, texting Crow multiple times.

Evans said he dropped off Cook at the Advance McDonald's, and said Cook had a pistol.

Evans told police he parked across the highway, and witnessed Cook walk up to the victim's truck then saw the victim's head slump over.

Evans then told police he picked up Cook and headed south on Highway 25.

According to the probable cause statement, Evans asked Cook what he did, and Cook said he shot him (Crow) in the face.

Cook allegedly stole $19 from the victim and his cell phone

Another person told police that Matt Cook told him that he killed Sean Crow.

Cook also reportedly burned some clothes related to shooting.

In the affidavit by Hank Trout of the Stoddard County Sheriff's Department, Cook was brought in for questioning and told investigators that no one else was involved...."I did it".

During the interview, Cook told authorities he admitted to using a woman's cell phone to text Sean Crow.

According to the affidavit, during the interview with authorities Matt Cook was asked did Sean think it was him (Cook) or the woman texting him. Cook then allegedly replied to authorities saying, "Would you go meet a guy, neither would I, so there is your answer."

Sean Crow graduated from Bernie High School and was a heavy equipment operator in the Parma area.

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